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Step into a world where fashion and music intertwine. We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking collaboration with the talented singer and songwriter, Isyana Sarasvati. We(stargazers) create a collection that embodies style, creativity, and passion.
Feel the rhythm, embrace the beat, and discover a collection that resonates with your soul. Our designs merge the brand’s distinct aesthetic with Isyana’s magnetic personality, resulting in fashion that exudes confidence and authentics.
From stage to street, our collaboration brings forth an extraordinary fusion of style and sound. Every piece tells a story, reflecting the Isyana’s captivating melodies and our brand’s dedication to craftsmanship and depth of artwork.
Be part of this extraordinary journey as we redefine fashion and music. and the unveiling of our remarkable collaboration. Get ready to make a statement and express your individuality like never before.
Join us as we write a new chapter in the realms of fashion and music. Together, we create magic that resonates with hearts and souls. Stargazers x Isyana Sarasvati : Elevating the art of collaboration.