About The Brand


We are the stranger laid in the deepest layer of your soul, hidden beneath a silvery mist of your softly swimming inner mind. We are awaken by the enchanting secret melody of this majestic universe, just like a stargazers captivated with the script of the galaxies.

We breathe you in what your mind unconsciously inhales from the symphony of our silent surroundings both translucent sight and thoughts, serving you a visually brand new deep wearable arts.


Stargazers established in early 2011, M.M. Hadi is the person behind the brand, he studied at FSRD Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Graphic Design, but in college he often spent his free time with his colleagues from the Fine Arts Departement, experimenting with clays from sculpture studio or oil paint from painting studio, Stargazers spirit began from his hobby to make collage (kolase) artworks. At first he intended to sell his artwork on canvas, but there was more interesting medium to sell his artwork, It’s in Fashion, with this frame:

“ fashion is popular aesthetic expression at a certain time and in a certain context, especially in clothing, lifestyle, accessories “

Fashion has the potential to be a tool expression in concepts, music, natures, culture, books, poems, artwork, gestures, symbols, human psychology, philosophy, movement, dreams, even spirituality.


Stargazers interest in Philosophy, Hermetic Arts, Symbols, and Oscar Wilde Aesthetic Movement, this movement championed pure beauty “art for art’s sake, emphasizing the sensual and visual qualities of art and design over moral or even practical considerations.

There are three basic colour spectrums of stargazers palette, they are Black to represent dark, Space Grey to represent light, and Crimson Red to represent beauty.